Stay young and healthy—with sunscreen-infused lip balm from Issy & Co.

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  • June 26, 2022
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Formulated with SPF 30, Solar Balm will keep your puckers pretty and protected

Time and again, we’re reminded to use sunscreen. A sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 (60, if you spend a lot of time outdoors) is enough to protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which, over time, can discolor and wrinkle the skin, or worse, cause cancer.

Little if any attention is given to sunscreen on the lips. Applying sunscreen on your lips prevents UV-related damage and protection against sun and wind burns. It also helps avoid unsightly discoloration and wrinkling in the long run.

Always one to innovate, Issy &Co. launched its Solar Balm, a nourishing sunscreen and lip balm that leaves a sheer wash of color and keeps the lips hydrated and moisturized.

“There are a lot of options when it comes to sunscreens for the face and body, but not a lot for the lips. It’s also very alarming that even people who wear SPF on their skin tend to forget to add protection on their lips too,” says Issy & Co. co-founder and creative director Joel Andrade.

“Since our lips are made up of skin, they are also susceptible to sun damage. Solar Balm addresses a gap in the local beauty market.”

Glow is a glossy sheen finish, which is for people who enjoy wearing gloss and lip oils.

As its name suggests, Solar Balm captures the hybrid nature of a lip balm and sunscreen. “Asking our customers to add another lip product to their routine is simply not practical, so we wanted to create a product that solved all lip issues. That’s how the Solar Balm came to be,” he says.

The Solar Balm locks hydration in and provides moisture like no other by using jojoba seed oil and meadowfoam seed oil as its main emollients. These key ingredients contain fatty acids that help nourish the lips and antioxidants that work in sync with the sunscreen to provide protection from free radicals.

What’s unique about Solar Balm is that it’s formulated with Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30 PA+++ to offer hours of sun protection. “In the formula, you will see a blend of both physical and chemical sunscreen filters. Together, they provide a more stable and broad-spectrum protection,” he says.

Solar Balm comes in two finishes Glow and Natural. Like all Issy & Co. offerings, they highlight the brand’s promise to deliver high-quality and versatile products. “Glow is a glossy sheen finish, which is for people who enjoy wearing gloss and lip oils. Natural comes in a more semi-matte finish that looks like you have nothing on,” says Andrade. With Solar Balm’s true sheer coverage, you can layer it up to three times and still look natural.

The Solar Balm offers many options through its two different finishes and eight universally flattering shades

The Solar Balm offers many options through its two different finishes and eight universally flattering shades. Each finish features four color stories: a cool pink, nude brown, warm coral, and berry mauve.

The Solar Balm in Glow finish includes the shades Playdate (cool soft pink), Bloom (warm poppy coral), Slick (warm nude brown), and Promiscuous (neutral berry mauve). Natural finish includes Petal (cool delicate rose), Sherbet (warm nude peach), Undone (cool rosy beige), and Melodrama (neutral pink mauve).

Issy & Co. is excited to continue its storytelling through Solar Balm. Stay tuned for the third and final act soon.

“Coming from the success of Act I—the Phyto-Complex Skin Mist—we are delighted to continue telling our story through this second act and be able to share the Solar Balm after a very long development process. Our story is about to end but don’t worry because we saved the best for last,” he says.

Issy & Co.’s Solar Balm SPF 30 PA+++ is now available for only ₱349.00 each exclusively on Shopee.

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