Are you in favor of opening of classes in August?

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  • July 25, 2020
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DepEd and CHED decided the schools can start by August (whatever form it is) while a lot of people think otherwise and opt for an academic freeze until it is safe for face-to-face classes again.

What do YOU think?

16 comments on “Are you in favor of opening of classes in August?

  1. Definitely a gigantic no. COVID Positive children are often without symptoms and they can easily spread the disease this way. Add this to the fact that most schools in the country don’t have enough space for social distancing and we have another spike in cases on the way.

  2. Online Classes is one of the safest ways to open up schools by August. If that will be the mode of learning. Yes, I am in favor of schools starting by that time. But for face to face classes I am not in favor because we still don’t have a vaccine and it’s very dangerous to be in an environment that has a large crowd.

  3. I am not in favor for the opening of classes on August 24. It’s very dangerous and puts everyone’s safety at risk whether it may be a student, teacher, or school staff. With the rapid increase of cases in the past few months, it is obvious that it’s not safe. They shut down classes and schools when there were less than a few thousand cases in the country; why in the world are they considering reopening with 70k cases out there?

    Again, I am not in favor. There is no benefit that will come with this, only danger.

  4. No.Because not all children are capable of doing online classes. And for me personally I don’t want it to push through because i have learned almost nothing because of how they “taught” us. They just made us pass projects and nothing else.

  5. I am not in favor of the opening of classes this August. Not only is there lack of assurance that everyone— children and adults alike, who would be participating are safe, but the confirmed cases only keep growing at an alarming rate. Not to mention that most educational institutions are not equipped and ready for the supposed ‘new normal’ requirements such as social distancing and proper disinfection. The opening of classes so early, at such a perilous time would lead to only worse scenarios for the people.

  6. The reopening of classes on August 24 can only result to a declination in quality learning and availability for students for with online and face-to-face learning.

    The main challenge for online learning is how all students can have access to the necessary equipment needed for school. There are families that cannot prioritize online schooling fees, especially parents with lost jobs or have to work under-time because of quarantine. This problem is followed by the difficulties of learning through a screen and unavoidable technical problems.

    The latter option does not present itself as a better choice either. The mere fact that having groups of people in the same room together suggests the higher possibility of the virus to spread to the students and workers of the education department, and to the families they go home to at the end of the day as well. Public schools will also have a harder time with adjustment as a typical classroom is filled by 30-60 students, having a.m.-p.m. classes would also lead to poorer quality with education.

    In my opinion, the Department of Education alongside the government should come up with a thoroughly sought out plan with more consideration for the lower sector of the country before issuing a date for the school year.

  7. I am not in favor of the opening of the classes, even if the classes are online based. Thousands of students are not mentally, physically, and even financially stable to provide quality work and actually learn. I for one am not in favor of simply output based work. As it would not be the most beneficial to the students. I can be understood that given the pandemic we all have to adjust. Given that, I believe the right solution would be to provide a more efficient and working system that would benefit the students. Even if it would take awhile I would take it that option, rather than a rushed and forced education system that would only further endanger the lives of not only the students but the parents that are working hard to pay for the tuition. If a proper education system would be set in place, I believe we would all be able to take a step a forward and rise above this pandemic and our government’s incompetence.

  8. It’s a no for me. I think that the government should come up with a better plan regarding education in the midst of a pandemic. Not all students have access to stable internet connection. They should’ve considered what would benefit for ALL students, instead of coming up with a plan that only some students can cope up with.

  9. I am not in favour of the the classes resuming in August because the current situation of our country will only get worse if we continue with reopening the school in August. Online learning is our best option as of now for our academic needs

  10. Distance learning is already difficult to begin with and I believe that schools are not yet ready to reopen due to not having a concrete plan on how their curriculum should work on a face to face basis.
    Generally, schools are not equipped to have enough space to accommodate students while also maintaining the standard of safe distance.

    Probably, areas that have low community transmission can reopen schools only with an effective contact tracing and proper funding for safety purposes.

    Schools will have to adjust and find an alternative solution if they do not support the academic freeze and this will need a lot of investment to become effective since you’ll need to lend aid to families that need financial support.

    Overall, the pandemic caused a wider gap in education which highlights affordability. Which is why it is better to start the academic freeze due to the costs involve just to support a family’s livelihood.

  11. For me I am not in favor of having face to face classes because COVID-19 is very contagious and cases for it are spiking up instead of going down. As for online classes it would be favorable if students and teachers have more stable and reliable internet connection. Online classes are less effective than face to face classes that’s why I prefer to have an academic freeze.

  12. I’ve recently realized that our country is in a tight situation where education is at stake.

    The nation is so divided when it comes to access to education. While there are privileged students, being able to have complete access to the internet, there is also a vast majority of students (from elementary to college) that struggle to gain this particular privilege. On Twitter, you see the desperation of young people to purchase electronic equipments (tablets or better smartphones). Parents are also getting involved with online-barter groups just to acquire tablets or smartphones for their children. There’s also a few who have concerns about the quality of education when Schools go full-online.

    Based from my experience last semester, I can agree that going full-online this school year will be difficult, especially when you have no internet provider. Yes, data can be bought with cellphone load, but considering the amount of data you need to download, upload and attend conferences, you will still be using up a lot (research, YouTube, articles).

    I guess it’s not easy for the government to decide on this. But whatever the decision they come up with, no student should be left behind.


  13. Not only that many students lack the devices needed for online classes, but also, they do not have a stable internet access. For me, we are not yet ready to push through with this type of learning as there are many conflicts. The institution should come up with a concrete plan before opening schools considering the drastic change from face to face classes to online classes.

  14. COVID-19 changed the world as we know it. The “New-Normal” lifestyle is being implemented in a high-level for every Filipino to adjust and cope up with the present.

    I am not in favor for resuming the face-to-face classes for this school year as the high risk of being exposed to the virus would definitely cause mass hysteria to the general public. Online classes would be the best remedy as of now for this lessens the risk of transmission of the virus.

    An Academic Freeze is vital for everyone and beneficial for most as not everyone is privileged enough to afford and cope with the standard requirements on what online classes has to offer. Sadly, the world doesn’t revolve around everyone.
    The mere idea of Academic Freeze just implies that if one doesn’t have it, then everybody shouldn’t have it. There are students who would want to complete and finish their studies as soon as possible due to reasons that could be considered as personal and cannot be disclosed to the public. Some students are considered to be breadwinners of the family and a mere delay would prevent them from achieving that. Some may say that it is just a 1-year delay, what could happen?

    They tend to overlook the domino effect that it would toll over the whole country. Many teachers would lose jobs, many institutions may be at risk on shutting down their operations, and most importantly, students who wants to finish their education would waste time for accomplishing nothing.

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