What do you think of the ABS-CBN shutdown?

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  • July 10, 2020
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ABS-CBN has been denied their franchise application by Congress with 70 congressmen in favor of not renewing their franchise. What’s your take on this?

6 comments on “What do you think of the ABS-CBN shutdown?

  1. The shutdown of the media giant is a display of power. It’s their way of telling their critics and the opposition that they can get rid of anyone they want despite the clear distortion of the truth. This administration has shown us that it can get away with anything and will only protect the ones that are with them.

  2. Very disappointed on the way the government handled the renewal of the ABS CBN franchise. Thousands of employees have lost their jobs during a pandemic. One of the biggest taxpayers, and biggest TV station in the country is now gone. Will surely miss ABS CBN.

  3. I’m terribly disgusted on how certain officials have responded to the the issue. Despite the truth being told that the media giant has no violations, this is an attack on #PressFreedom.

    There’s nothing more upsetting than being told that those who have worked for ABS-CBN, should just find other options and “work hard” to get another job.

    Just shows how much the government doesn’t care about giving service to the Filipino the way ABS-CBN does.

  4. Absolutely disgusting how this administration is doing everything it takes to censor the truth. This is the epitome of abuse of power. Truly cannot put my disappointment towards the government into words. Just sad.

  5. This is going be an interesting story to follow the next few weeks, especially where we need media outlets to help in the progressing of society through ample dissemination of news, information, and facts. It is a sad day for freedom of the press and the future of the Philippines when the people at the helm would rather be right than serve in the interest of the country.

  6. It is not just about being an entertainment platform or news channel. It is about the people who work under them are affected.

    To the government this may just be the disappearance of a press who covers the truth and is against their tyranny. It is disappointing that history repeats itself when the a certain president prioritizes his ego first before the situation at hand.

    ABS-CBN already complied with everything that is needed for them to do but the corrupt system still pursue the destruction of their fellow people’s livelihood.

    The government is not prioritizing the actual problem amidst the pandemic. They are not contributing to the recovery of the country. We will rise again and the people’s initiative will be the fuel of justice against this circus of a unit that pretends to be the embodiment of democracy.

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