Is it like homework on steroids? Describe your online class experience

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  • October 2, 2020
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As all schools have started their academic year for 2020-2021, sadly face-to-Face classes are still not allowed. Feel free to post your rants and raves on how online classes is treating you so far.

Feel free to describe your experience through words or even a meme

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8 comments on “Is it like homework on steroids? Describe your online class experience

  1. The online classes was stressful and boring.I respect the teachers for trying hard to teach us during the difficult times.But sadly most of us are not learning

  2. Online learning has been difficult. I feel pressured to finish and turn in all of my assignments on time. Most of my assignments are due at the same time, and a lot of them are time- consuming.

  3. Though it may be hard to endure for both teachers and students, it is something that I’m getting use to. For it helps me exercise my brain and It’s better for me to try and learn something everyday than just do nothing🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. At first. It was quite difficult to cope up with the requirements, especially when you don’t have a place to study other than your bedroom. But I’ve learned how to keep up. And I’m grateful that my professors have been lenient with regards to our tasks, they’ve been hearing our concerns consistently.

  5. I definitely enjoy having to exercise my brain and learn new things since quarantine! Although, since the first day of classes, our internet would slow down and give me a hard time to participate in class. We also get 1-2 hours of online teaching per subject every week, which is good for efficiency and for those who can’t stay long with internet/being online. However, we are left with so much homework and self teaching (imagine fitting a whole lesson in one hour, online) which are not appealing to most students. It is boring and tedious, I feel half of the excitement I usually get when I wake up to prepare for face to face classes. I understand that this is what we have to settle with for the meantime, but online classes are very difficult to adjust to for everyone in the education department and for the students. I only hope that we find a better system to get around with during this pandemic! Keep safe, everyone!

  6. Online classes are challenging since it is a totally different environment that we need to adapt to in this digital platform of knowledge absorption. There are struggles on remote learning, and somehow it affects us mentally because of pressure to connect, to participate, and to reassess our learning routine compared to that of actual classes wherein we are able to interact in a surrounding that is totally a conducive place to learn.

  7. If we as parents are supposed to be the ones educating our children with homeschool and the internet.. then I’ll use quality homeschool curriculum to make it worth the time for me and my children. DepEd curriculum is so bad it deserves to be burned.

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