How’s your online learning experience?

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  • July 18, 2020
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Calling all Alabang Bedans!

How’s your online learning experience in San Beda Alabang?

What do you like about it?

What don’t you like about it?

Feel free to post your thoughts in our comments section.

7 comments on “How’s your online learning experience?

  1. overall online classes were decent but in my opinion it still has a lot to improve online classes weren’t as effective to teaching children lessons unlike the traditional way of teaching where in the teachers teach the lessons in the classroom there were also a lot of times where we were clueless with the lessons given by the teachers during online classes because they werent explained as well to us and not all student can get all access to these online classes because not every student in SBCA has stable wifi, a laptop, an ipad, and money to even afford online classes in the upcoming school year because of the pandemic which i think why online classes are sadly giving more stress to the students and to the parents who are not as fortunate as other students

  2. Quite alright. I wouldn’t say that last semester was real good, but for a start it went well. Our professors were doing their best to provide the students with quality lecture despite suddenly going full-online. What I only liked about how it was done last time was that our professors were at least prepared. Unfortunately, in some cases, it’s hard to rely on my own learning alone (modular-like). I mean, pre-recorded lectures are fine, but there’s really no exchange of ideas/questions (unless you comment on a thread). It’s not as comfortable as asking the professor directly.

    Going full-online is a great way to keep ourselves safe from getting infected from the virus, but I’m afraid we won’t be able to learn as much as having physical/face-to-face classes.

  3. Super inconsiderate and ineffective Curriculum. I had COVID 19 and i was forced to do school works even tho I’m suffering. Thankfully some teachers helped and gave me guidance.

  4. The online learning experience is not what we expected. For me I thought i was gonna learn more and do better but it just made my grades up and i learned less in online classes than in a real class.

  5. During the 2nd Semester of Grade 11 Senior High school, I quite enjoyed the online learning experience. We were given multiple tasks from different subjects to work with and submit them anytime before this “given” date. I had no problems with my online classes and I still managed to maintain my grades.

  6. I enjoyed online classes as a Grade 11 Senior High Student. I had no problems with my online classes because I submitted all my requirements before the due date and I have a somewhat stable internet connection. Some of the people I know though don’t have this benefit and encountered problems with the online classes during this pandemic.

  7. It’s great that the school has a way to connect with the students and I find that my experience with online classes was great. The thing I liked the most about it is the tasks given by our professors wasn’t too complicated and very easy to do. On the other hand I find some subjects difficult to understand like statistics and calculus because it’s really different if the subject was taught face to face.

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