On “Just Friends” and giving love the second time around

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  • October 6, 2021
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There’s no definitive answer, only compelling music

Do things deserve a second chance? In their latest single “Just Friends,” 20-year-old singer-songwriter rienne might not have a definitive answer to that, but they certainly think it’s a question worth asking.

Following the success of “Try Again,” they’re back with the penultimate single of the trilogy.

Born and raised in Manila, rienne (who prefers the pronouns they/them) is self-taught, their songs made, recorded, and produced on the guitar and smartphone set-up.

rienne has been making music since they were 13, and credits their love for indiepop for what helped develop their current sound, which is at once nostalgic and refreshing with a sense of lyricism that is as idyllic as it is candid

In the pursuit of finding the proper “label” in young love, rienne’s new music explores the bridge between “what ifs” and “why don’t we”.

The rising star singer based in West Virginia, USA, shares with listeners the conflict of giving love a second a chance. With emotion being rienne’s most significant pen in writing music, “Just Friends” reminds us of the butterflies in our stomachs when love comes back the second time around.Make sure to catch the beautifully written heartfelt confession where the indie singer proved that as it should be – love will always win.

rienne is also planning to release a new single called “Sinagtala” on October 15. 

“Just Friends” is the second installment in a trilogy of songs from rienne. A simple lesson about love is taught us by a young artist who braved the music industry — when it’s right and when it’s alright, we can alwaysgive love a second chance.

The one goal that they wish to achieve with their music is to provide safety and comfort to those dealing with the same concerns; to build a sense of emotional closeness and community in a socially distant time.

As one of the more recent artists to sign with indie label Off The Record, rienne joins the the likes of singer-actress Alexa Ilacad and OPM icon Jacob Clemente.

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