A short but sweet experience with Enhypen

The K-pop band holds a fan meet at SM MOA Arena, and Engenes are still in a daze

BENCH gave Filipino Hallyu fans another sweet treat by bringing their newest #GlobalBenchsetters to Manila. K-pop powerhouse Enhypen held a fan meet at the SM MOA Arena last May 28, and Engenes (Enhypen fans) are still in a daze.

ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki, Heeseung, Jake, Sunghoon, Jungwon, Sunoo, and Jay up close during the intimate press conference. Photo by Lem Atienza

With limited time, they gave concert-level performances of their hit tracks. They captivated us with ParadoXXX Invasion right from the opening, then some sub-unit random dance plays during the games, and ending it with Sweet Venom, which made Engenes’ hearts stop. Enhypen and Engenes exchanged sweet messages not only through words, but also through energy and supportive cheers—a manifestation of their unwavering connection with global fans that transcends language.

Jake and Sunghoon during the BENCH x ENHYPEN press conference. Photo by Lem Atienza
Jay during the BENCH x ENHYPEN press conference
Jungwon and Sunoo

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