Between Grace and Chaos: A Broken Infinities debut album across spectrum of music, experiences

Don’t hold back. You may experience that feeling of breaking up with your ex or hearing different flavors of music’

Broken Infinities, an up-and-coming band from southern Manila, graces the Philippine music scene with their debut album “Between Grace and Chaos” out Friday on all major streaming platforms

Broken Infinities seeks to become a trailblazer for indie, rock, and alternative music in the Philippines. The band is more than a creative outlet, it is a true model of the growth and evolution of their development as artists six years since their first gig in 2015. Their new album, “Between Grace and Chaos” reveals their eye for music and adds a blend of their favorite artists in their personal life experiences.

Two friends, Anton Gonzalez and Raphael Morallo, started the project in 2015 with Raffy Briones and Joaquin Amante joining in 2016. Their last member, John Malabanan, completed the group in 2017 as most of the members transitioned to college. Currently, several members of the band are at the University of Santo Tomas, Ateneo De Manila University, UP Diliman, and the University of Asia & the Pacific.

“In the maze of personal growth, grace and chaos are equally beautiful, and the songs helped me write whatever I thought was in between.”- Anton Gonzalez, University of Santo Tomas

The band has built on that shared love of music and this helped them to start on a path of both love and hardship, from music covers, samples to singles. The path, they admit, was like a rollercoaster ride filled with adversities, challenges, and discovery. They continuously try to push the boundaries and experiment with the different blends of music spanning generations. “Between Grace and Chaos” takes inspiration from many of their childhood idols such as Tears for Fears, The Killers, and Coldplay.

“The album is an experience. Don’t hold back. You may experience that feeling of breaking up with your ex or hearing the different flavors of music we placed into each track of the album.”- Joaquin Amante, UP Diliman

The album is a culmination of their discoveries, experiments, and realizations six years after forming to releasing a mastered album in 2021. Their aim for this album is to merge the past, present, and future music generations through their tracks. Their singles, “Midnight Blue”, “Rush Me Slow”, and “The Grander Scheme” gave the audience a sneak peek of the art the band wants to show. “Between Grace and Chaos” will take listeners through different emotions and vibes.

“Six years ago, this album was just some long-shot dream. It’s surreal knowing that this is all happening, and we’re excited to see what’s ahead” – Raphael Morallo, UP Diliman

Catch the release of their new album “Between Grace and Chaos” on November 26, 2021 at 12:00mn on all major platforms. They will also debut several of their songs from the album in their first live performance of the “BGAC era” in UA&P’s Hatchweek-Crossfire on Friday, 7:00PM.


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