Hatchweek-Crossfire 2021: The Ultimate Mission for Freshies and Seniors

Welcoming the freshmen batch to university life is in the DNA of the student body of the University of Asia & the Pacific. The mission continues this year with “agents” seeking out missions that will incorporate them in university life.

Hatchweek-Crossfire is an annual week-long celebration where special bonds are created, challenges are set, and memories are made to welcome the freshmen and 1-6YP to the newness of the university.

This year’s theme is Mission: U.N.I.T.A.S (University’s New Intelligent Taskforce and Services), which aims to immerse “dragons” and “eggs” in various tasks and challenges that will help them explore themselves, discover friendships, and enjoy the week’s events together. Mission: U.N.I.T.A.S. will run from November 22 to November 26 on Facebook Live, Kumospace, and Zoom.

Freshmen and 1-6YP students are given the opportunity to become “Eggs” that are paired up with “Dragons,” who are the upperclassmen of the university. These pairings or groups are gathered as “Egg Barkadas” wherein they will engage, compete, and strive for greatness through the prepared activities.

The week-long event was launched during the opening ceremony entitled The Assembly last Monday with the challenges, prizes, and performers presented. Tuesday was the start of the Boot Camp: Home Organization Game Night. Each dragon-and-egg barkada is

paired up based on the course they are in. They will have an exciting night filled with games, activities, and tasks with their home organizations.

Once the different dragon-and-egg barkadas are up to speed with Hatchweek, a Midweek Event: The Secret Service is held on Wednesday via Facebook Live at 1:00PM as the community comes together and enjoys the show gladly prepared by many. Agent tasks have turned into an unforgettable memory, meeting rooms have now become a home, and the sheer concept of being just a group has now become a family striving to complete their mission for each other at this point. 8141/?type=3&theater

The week wraps up with the most awaited event throughout Hatchweek in Crossfire. Friday’s event, Crossfire: The Final Mission, is the culmination of a story of discovery for “eggs”, the revelation of the student body for “dragons”, and the embodiment of togetherness by the whole University in this night full of performances, prizes, and performers. Special band performances by Oh Flamingo! , Broken Infinities, and New Alexandria will highlight the night’s celebration live via Facebook Live starting at 7:00PM. The best barkadas will be recognized, the  most outstanding “agents” will be chosen, and the spark the freshmen need to fuel their UA&P journey is set off here.

Festivities are found in the official Hatchweek-Crossfire Facebook page at: age_internal

More information, other FAQs, and the schedule of activities are also found in this website: (Open using your UA&P account)

Challenges, performances, and raffle giveaways await those who choose to accept their mission as “agent spies”.

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