MINT College’s Halloween costumes are spooky—and sustainable

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  • October 31, 2020
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Its “Web Oscura: #LikeCommentScare” event had students DIY-ing outfits using upcycled plastic bottles and milk tea straws

MINT Prod, the official events production team of MINT College, hosts “Web Obscura: #LikeCommentScare,” this Saturday, October 31, 2020. This year’s theme is “cyber screamfest.” 

The annual Halloween event, held virtually this year given the ongoing pandemic, showcases a diverse display of the scariest and most elaborate costumes by its creative students. It also sees the school transformed into a nightmarish scene.

MINT College’s Multimedia Arts 11th graders fashioned amazing outfits and costumes using post-consumer waste from their Methods and Materials class project. 

They used all forms of plastic—straws, packaging, bags, and everything in between—plus cardboard, aluminum cans, and what have you. These they cut, melted, and fused together.

Student Chia Basan, together with Hideki Ito, created “Madame Milk Tea,” a dress made out of tulle fabric and pressed melted large milk tea plastic straws. 

“We definitely wanted to make something that stood out. Collecting straws wasn’t as hard as we thought. We set up boxes around campus and in a milk tea shop. We actually ended up with more than enough straws [to use for our project],” Basan said.

Ito then applied his “particular method of cutting up the straws and melting them flat.” This created the effect that they were going for. “I think the best thing about the dress is that it doesn’t even look like it’s made of recycled straws,” he says. 

Save The World by Wynona Salvador (using assorted plastics and other wastes)

Another awesome look was by Chili Misa. “Egyptian Straw Princess” was also made with upcycled plastic straws and melted plastic bottles.

“I was inspired by a lot of tribal-esque costumes. It actually started out as a headdress, but it grew into a full-blown costume! I wanted to show something warrior-like,” Misa said.

She further explained that the “heightened period of the global plastic straw problem” made her want to create something that didn’t just look pretty or cool as a costume. “I wanted to show how straws can also be extremely versatile as an art material, and in a way, make a statement on how to re-purpose post-consumer products,” she said.

Re-think Education at MINT College! Its diverse and inclusive community encourages students and teachers to learn from one another and share unique experiences, even online.  MINT is a leading creative school with college programs in Business, Arts, and Technology and also offers senior high school tracks.

For more information, visit, email, visit Facebook @mintschool, or call (02) 8425-1673.   

Tetra Cow girl by Kathryn Martinez (using tetra packs)

Chili Misan’s Egyptian Straw Princess (plastic straws)
Ellie Espiritu’s “Empire State of Mind” (aluminum cans)

On the main photo: Chia Basan and Hideki Ito’s “Madame Milktea” (using plastic straws)

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