Valentine’s 2021: Landi under lockdown

From breakfast (delivered) in bed to writing poems, there are ways to skirt the quarantine

Pandemics arise, lockdowns are imposed, and people from every corner of the planet are forced into isolation and solitude. Despite the world grinding to a sudden and unpredictable halt, love gears stop for no one. While lockdowns can suppress mass gatherings and travels, little can be done to crack down on the limitless aspirations of the heart. Whether you’ve been in a longtime relationship tested by the distance the lockdown imposes, or you’re venturing into a new commitment with someone you connected with online, here are some contactless ways you can make that someone feel special this Valentine’s 2021: the first (and hopefully, the last) February 14 under lockdown.

  1. Start the day with some Breakfast in Bed  🍳🥞

    Whether it’s the classic Pinoy breakfast of tapsilog and garlic rice, or the iconic pancakes-and-bacon combo, sending your special someone some hot breakfast in bed via courier isn’t the worst way to start out Valentine’s Day! You can check out @breakfastbuddyph on Instagram for some sweet breakfast deals!

2. Bring back flowers, and help out small businesses! 🌹🌼 💐

When buying flowers, make sure (1) you’re not buying any endangered species, and (2) you’re lending a hand to smalltime vendors. For fresh flowers, you can check out @teamofloristeria on Instagram:

3. Put ink to paper and pen an old-fashioned love letter 💌

You can’t go wrong by wearing your heart on your sleeve. Here are some useful tips to get around to it:

“Letters have special properties that no modern form of communication can duplicate. A handwritten letter is something tangible that we touch and hold and then pass to another to touch and hold. And they are preserved and cherished in a way that text messages or email never will be.”

4. Print out some of your favorite memories together and collate them in a scrapbook or photo collage 📖

5. The ancient art of poetry 🖋️

Taking your love letter to the next level? Try your hand at this ancient art form that has inspired generations of lovers. Find some helpful starting points here:

6. Commission an artist friend to illustrate one of your favorite photos together 💑

Just make sure you’re paying them what they’re worth, cause art ain’t cheap!

7. Or better yet, try drawing, painting, or digitizing a cherished photo 👨‍❤️‍👩

Even if your hands fail you, it’s never a bad gift if it’s from the heart! Here are some pointers on sketching couples:

8. Construct a playlist of some of the songs that remind you of your SO 🎶

The rest is up to you:

9. Try your hand at songwriting 🎵

Plug in your own lyrics and notes, but maybe this could help you get started:

10. Edit a video of some your most memorable moments together 📹

Regardless of where you go, every moment is an adventure:

11. Adopt an animal in their name, and aid conservation efforts! 🐋

Locally, several conservation orgs have programs that allow you to adopt an animal, name them, and monitor their progress! Some of the animals include whale sharks, manta rays, and whales! They can be “adopted” from the following organizations, respectively:

Wildbook for Whale Sharks:
Manta Trust:

Image courtesy of UP Marine Biological Society

12. Commission an artist friend to illustrate a book cover or poster of your SO’s favorite book or movie 🖼️

Check out this idea from @maru.makes on Instagram!

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