The latest smartphone: You don’t need to be a techie to level up

WIKO combines design and technology

You.Ph was given the opportunity to try out the newly released WIKO 10.

Though I’m not technically (get it?) a tech person or someone who does tech reviews, I am one of those who have spent the most of their lives using smartphones.

As important as things such as specs and the like matter, I’m more or less always

looking into the daily usage of the phone. Beyond the numbers of 10s, 20s, 50s, and whatever else there is: what does a phone like this do for you?

Who is Wiko?

WIKO says that they got their start in France in 2011 and take pride in creating phones for “young digital natives and Generation Z users.” Their phones are said to be a tool for those who “consume vast amounts of digital information and services over the Internet.” Sounds about just as right as far as technology companies go.

That, plus the aim to market to digital natives and Gen-Z users makes all the more sense as that generation is becoming the future work force    with soon-to-be-disposable income. So where else to put that income if not in a new phone?

Price and specs

The WIKO 10 released on Sept. 25, 2022 for P8,9990 at Shopee, Lazada, and WIKO authorized stores and kiosks. Sounds like quite a fair price for what you get.

First, phone design—you are presented their “flagship” color of Striking Klein Blue (in honor of the French artist Yves Klein who created the color). You get a clean, sleek phone in your hand. The design, according to WIKO, is meant to be an “amalgamation of aesthetic design and technology” with “an

impeccable design that speaks French elegance”— fair statements, to say the least.

It comes with a slight curve that makes it comfortable to hold in your hand and it’s not at all heavy, a point of consideration for some.

Now when it comes to the screen, WIKO boasts a 6.74-inch screen with “90.69% screen-to-body ratio.” I certainly am not sure of the math of my screen-to-body ratios, but it sure sounds like a lot. The screen looks quite nice with colors and images coming out about as crisp as you’d expect for 720*1600 resolution.

Camera-wise we are looking at a 50MP Triple AI Camera. I won’t go too into the nitty

gritty of what these mean, but if you want to see what these look like you can look at these photos I took.

Finally, for battery and storage performance, WIKO boasts 128GB of storage with 4GB RAM. Given how many photos, videos, and other things people want their phone for—128GB is a lot. Even with the basics, like your system and other important things taking up space, it can still store all your photos, videos, and mobile games, you hardly need to worry about having to delete things. That and you’re able to game quite well on the phone at this price point.

At the end of day, the WIKO 10 is a great phone for students on a budget looking to upgrade their phone.

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