Having a V Day

V’s birthday inspires multimedia arts student to create unique greeting—’a product of the joy I feel from the band’

De La Salle- College of St. Benilde Multimedia Arts major, Tinkerbell Poblete, admits she is a certified KPOP fan. “My best friend introduced me to groups like 2NE1 and Girls Generation back when we were in 5th grade, and K-pop has remained a source of bonding for us to this day.”

And when it comes to showering artists with love and greetings on their birthdays, K-pop fans are pretty creative, she says. One particular moment was during BTS V’s birthday. “I saw how unique ARMY is when it comes to celebrating V’s birthday, from creating fan art to donating to schools, charities, planting trees, and even adopting a tiger, which was really awesome.”

      She explains that joining this fandom motivated her to come up with her own unique way of greeting BTS. That was when she decided to do a V birthday shoot. “Before the pandemic, life was so busy,” Poblete says, “I didn’t always find myself available to execute outputs like this, probably since most of my time was consumed by school and work.”

She adds that life during the pandemic is still busy for her but just in a different way.

      Since BTS recently joined Instagram, Poblete decided to use the same photo from V’s first few posts as inspiration. “If he and ARMYs were to see it, it could feel familiar to them. I also shared it on the same platform in the hope that V would see it since he happens to be quite active lately.”

Poblete adds that music video releases, online concerts, album drops, and all things related to K-pop have been keeping her excited in these complicated times. “I find myself having something to look forward to, even if it means I’m just celebrating it alone or in my own simple way.”

But for Poblete, K-pop was fueled not only by songs she was exposed to. “It is more than just my favorite member, or the band itself but also my deep admiration of the individuals who work behind the scenes for these soloists and groups, such as their stylists, makeup artists, stage designers, directors, editors, camera operators, choreographers, and the entire production staff.”

For someone taking up Multimedia Arts, seeing stage performances and MVs inspires her to learn new techniques and concepts.

The shoot is also a personal project of hers. “It’s something I’ve given a lot of thought to, as well as a lot of heart and effort. It is both a result of my conceptualization and a product of the joy I feel from the band. With the goal of making someone happy with the gift, I also get to enjoy the art of creating.”

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