BamBam truly the ‘King of Fan Service’

Filipino Aghases surprise BamBam at Fansign in Ayala Mall Manila Bay

Skrrt skrrt! GOT7’s Bambam held a fansign at Ayala Mall Manila Bay last July 28, a day before the 2022 K-pop Masterz in Manila at the Mall Of Asia Arena, where he performed alongside his GOT7 member Jackson Wang, K-pop group Treasure, and an impromptu performance from Sandara Park. 

Whenever his songs faded out, anticipating fans  — some of them had been in the mall since 8 a.m. — cheered and held up their lightsticks, assuming that he was already at the venue. Unfortunately, even the idol wasn’t exempted from experiencing Manila traffic. 

It was definitely worth the wait as BamBam made sure to shower fans with love after the press conference. True to his name as the “King of Fan Service”, he asked the staff to remove the acrylic glass so he could have a closer interaction with the fans — You would probably see more videos of him talking about sisig or saying “shot puno!”. He also accepted several gifts and allowed them to take photos and videos. As if that wasn’t enough, BamBam extended his stay by greeting the fans outside the barricade.

He asked the staff to remove the acrylic glass so he could have a closer interaction with the fans
Ayala Malls Manila Bay is filled to the brim with adoring Ahgases (Got7 fanbase)

But the Filipino fans prepared a show for him, as well. BamBam was surprised with a fan-made video of the best moments of his career with a heartwarming message from his fans, which he had not seen for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

BamBam performed his chart-topping song “riBBon”. During the press conference, he mentioned that after releasing his second mini album “B”, he is already working on his upcoming album, and hopes to perform it in Manila soon.

BamBam, “King of Fan Service”

Cebuano Aghases also won this time as BamBam is the first K-pop idol to have a fanmeet at Ayala Mall Center Cebu, Cebu City, held last July 26.

Photos by Tinkerbell Poblete

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