Your palette, your rules: Issy & Co. launches customizable eye and face palettes

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  • August 22, 2023
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Let your makeup creativity run wild

Issy & Co. launched a customizable eye and face palette, a 54-piece collection consisting of 34 pressed shadow singles and 18 powder insertsnine blushes, three bronzers, three highlighters, and three contours.

“Issy has always focused on the joy of inclusivity and freedom of expression, which is why we made sure that our newest launch is a continuation of that same feeling and story,” says Joel Andrade, co-founder and chief creative officer for Issy & Co. Cosmetics.

Edited bronzer

Taking beauty to a more personal level, the customizable eye and face palette is an invitation to create your own story by mixing and matching colors, finishes, and functions. After all, it’s your palette, your rules.

Refillable and reusable, the customizable eye and face palette is an empty single-sided magnetic palette that can house a total of 12 shadow singles or three powder inserts, or various combinations thereof. The travel-friendly palette also features a high-quality mirror that’s perfect for makeup application and touchups.

A curated Bronzer Trio Palette featuring all three shades is also available for those who prefer having varying degrees of warmth.

First are the PRESSED SHADOW SINGLES – pigment-rich powder eyeshadows that come in 34 colors and four different finishes—matte, satin, foil (metallic), and mirror (glitter). These colors and finishes are assembled to tailor to one’s preferences and needs.

“We do acknowledge that building an eye palette can be intimidating and challenging, which is why we’re excited that Issy has five curated eye palettes that represent five different beauty stories,” says Andrade.

The five curated eye palettes are All Matte (curation of 12 matte colors), All Shimmer (curation of 12 shimmer colors), Sundown (a warm color story), Courtesan (a rosy color story), and Spacewalk (a cool color story).

The highlihter and contour inserts also come in threes

“Issy wanted to create the ultimate sidekick to the singles, which is why we also created an EYESHADOW & CONCEALER BASE. This oil-controlling eye primer adds vibrancy and extends the wear of the eye makeup. It also acts as the perfect base for your undereye concealer,” says Andrade.

Next are the POWDER INSERTS—18 powder pans that cover blush, bronzer, highlight, and contour, which are all infused with Vitamin E that allows the finely milled powder to melt into the skin and layer on impeccably.

Think pink with a series of powder blush inserts

The POWDER BLUSH INSERTS come in nine matte shades—Rave (cool lilac), Kitsch (eccentric pink), Nasty (malicious berry), Flesh (flushed peach), Sunburn (toasty coral), Fringe (flamboyant pink), Puff (soft baby pink), Heated (warm watermelon), and Erotic (rosy nude). The nine shades are available in three curated Blush Trio Palettes—Sand Castle (warm tones), Dance Floor (cool tones), and Dollhouse (mix of warm and cool tones).

When it comes to the POWDER BRONZER INSERTS, there are three matte shades—Pyre (light tender warmth), Torch (medium neutral warmth), and Ember (deep fiery warmth). A curated Bronzer Trio Palette featuring all three shades is also available for those who prefer having varying degrees of warmth.

The powder blush inserts

Similar to the bronzer inserts, the HIGHLIGHTER & CONTOUR INSERTS also come in threes. The highlighter shades are Blonde (frosty champagne), Trophy (warm golden peach), and Starlet (cool rose gold), while the contour shades are Haze, Storm, and Eclipse. All six shades make up the curated Light & Shadow Palette that is designed to add dimension and depth.

“What happens when beauty becomes personal? What if you have the power to choose? We’re so thrilled that we get to answer these questions and let you all create your own palettes. What was once an idea is now a reality and we cannot wait to see the personalized palettes you all will come up with! The possibilities are endless,” says Andrade.Follow Issy at @issyandcompany on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, and don’t forget to check out the hashtags #issy and #beautymadeissy

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