Student rapper creates own clothing line

My brand is about breaking social norms and showing people you can do more than what society expects you to be

Schumi’s slogan

The pandemic didn’t slow down student rapper “Schumi” whose real name is Albert Guallar. After his first successful single, “Bakit why not,” a song which is nearing 800,000 streams in Spotify as of press time,  he now ventures out to other things.

He is creating his own clothing brand which is also called, “Bakit why not.”

             “It’s about achieving impossible things,” Guallar explained why he chose the name for his brand and the inspiration of the single.

“I was never really into singing. But people asked me why did I try rapping and singing, I just answered, ‘Bakit why not?’”

Gualler said it’s his way of telling people that one could do more because they dare to.

For his start-up creation, this incoming college sophomore at the University of Santo Tomas collaborated with WKND, the biggest street wear brand in Rizal province.

“My brand is about breaking social norms and showing people that you can do more than what society expects you to be.”

Schumi with his best friend modelling the shirts

That is why he created an all-pink line of hoodies and shirts, his subtle way of expressing to junk stereotypes.

“Pink is considered a feminine color, and guys must always wear blue, for instance,” Guallar added. “I’ve been following societal standards for a long time thinking that’s the correct way to live, but I realized, there are no rules to this.”

                With his slogan, “Bakit why not?” he also tries to leave an impact on the community, to be aware of social injustices happening in the country,

“If I can try to influence people’s way of thinking, the phrase itself is the message.”

Watch Schumi’s new single recently launch

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