Benilde fashion designers hold virtual fashion exhibit

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  • March 17, 2021
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They do innovations using lockdown materials

Even in this pandemic, the graduating class of Fashion Design and Merchandising Program of the De la Salle-College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts will hold Sinulid, the highly successful annual culminating event that spotlights the artistry and craftsmanship of the graduating class.

The show will depict diverse perspectives and interpretations of the evolution and identity of the modern Filipino. It will display ensembles influenced by rich Philippine heritage and tradition and current social and environmental issues.

PUTA by Sean Carlo Betco

The top Sinulid collections have utilized fashion as a creative platform to express ingenuity through their manipulation of sustainable and unconventional materials available amid the lockdown and the exploration of various techniques and disciplines.

Included in the exhibit are Pamela Madlangbayan’s combination of the traditional Filipino clothing and balikbayan box-inspired graphic embellishments, Eunhye Cho’s installation influenced by the Philippines and Korea, Shanica Sy’s incorporation of unique wood carvings and Mindanao patterns and Raya Abastillas’ reintroduction of the Filipino sabong (cockfight) culture.

Art piece promoting the beautiful culture of the Philippines by Shanica Sy

Notions and discussions on femininity and sexuality take shape in the works of Angela Denise Santos and Sean Carlo Betco, while Angelica Achacoso sheds light on the glorification of resilience.

Marahuyo by Shayne Casi

Also available are Shayne Casi’s encapsulation of the biblical stories and intricate details and symbolisms of Philippine folklore, Kc Roshelle Dayao’s and Adrienne Carmela Cruel’s individual exposition of local mythical creatures and Gianina Dwaigne Lilagan’s translation on the idea of death, life and reincarnation.

Adding to the collection are Erika Mae Ng’s discussion on issues and the innate beauty of Philippine agriculture, Miri Hwang’s adaptation of futuristic post-nuclear style and Coleen Aytona’s reimagination of resin discs as theoretical clouds of icy comets.

Completing the group exhibit are playful sea elements-inspired children’s wear by Katrina Rivera and an ensemble of nostalgic origami love letters by Tricia Butler.

“Resin Piece – The Oort Cloud” by Coleen Aytona

“Life in the Philippine Sea” by Katrina Rivera

“In Glorified Resiliency” by Angelica Achacoso

This year’s Sinulid is held in cooperation with Triple K, Manila Fashion Supplies, Manila Bay Thread Corporation, Humble Sustainability and Beatriz Accessories.

Sinulid Virtual Gallery is available on view starting Saturday, March 20, 2021 through this link:

For more details about Benilde Fashion Design Merchandising Program and their events, visit their official Facebook account at

Cover photo: Minokawa by Kc Roshelle Dayao

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