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Khalil Ramos: ‘I’d like to visualize the post pandemic world to be more connected’

This multi-hyphenate shares his creative process and insights about this new normal

“I act, shoot, write and sing,” says Khalil Ramos in his Instagram profile. Is there something, in this day and age, he can’t do? 

Khalil Ramos is what we usually call a multi-hyphenate, but his creative process turns out to be pretty simple. It’s all about spontaneity.

“I live my everyday life the way I want it to and creative ideas just hit me. I then turn these ideas into a reality through acting, photography, scriptwriting and singing,” he says.

A few years back, he came to realize that his one true purpose in life is storytelling. He likes to use the mediums he’s exposed to as platforms to create stories―whether he’s directing a music video or making a vlog about a day in his life.

“I think most of my efforts were put in learning the ropes and establishing my identity,” he explains. “I wasn’t able to do it all alone, though. I will forever be grateful for all the people who helped me along the way.”

And when he became a celebrity endorser for Bench, just last year, another chapter of his story unfolds.

“I’ve always dreamed of working with Bench!” Khalil shares.

Asked about his favorite piece of fashion, it would be caps―or any types of headgear. Which makes sense, because of the many hats he wears in his life. But whenever things start to feel too much like work, he takes time to detach.

“I take a day off, maybe two. I escape from all the work,” he adds. “I play video games, go on date nights with Gabbi, grab drinks with some friends, watch movies with my brother. Life is about having fun!”

On the cusp of a new year, the 24-year-old artist finds new beginnings exciting because it means “new opportunities, new people to meet, new places to go to.”

As a storyteller, it also means new inspirations to learn from.

We catch up with Khalil to find out about his life during quarantine, his message to young creatives, and everything in between: 

First off, how are you? We’re facing a difficult time in this pandemic. How do you cope while in quarantine?

I’m doing alright! Getting the hang of this new normal, just like everyone else. This year was definitely unlike any other. My heart goes out to everyone directly affected by the pandemic. I coped through a lot of ways. Playing video games is the easiest form of escape for me. I also finally got to apply my learnings from coffee school by practicing every day.

What do you want to tell young creatives who have been feeling a little lost for inspiration, especially while in quarantine?

Inspiration is all around you. You just have to live life with an openness to experiencing more.

The biggest advantage of our generation is the vast library of knowledge on the internet. Imagine what the legends could have done if they had access to this. Make use of these tools to gain knowledge. Make it an every day practice. Consistency will reprogram the left side of your brain to make creativity second nature to you!

We’re curious, what is the greatest film ever made in your opinion, and why?

Aghh! This is always such a hard question to answer. There’s just too many to choose from! But from the more recent films I’ve seen, Parasite is up there on my “greatest films” list. One of the most complete films in terms of story, character developments, and visual execution. 

Can you tell us one thing your fans don’t know about you?

One thing that my supporters don’t know is that I hate raisins. Random, I know!

Last 2019, you landed a role in the first-ever Filipino Netflix original film ‘Dead Kids’. What upcoming projects are you excited about?

I’m very much excited to finally start acting again! It’s been too long now! I’m getting ready for a mini series I will be doing alongside Gabbi called “Love You Stranger”. We’re gonna start taping soon! Definitely excited for everyone to finally see it.

What are your hopes for the post-pandemic future?

I’d like to visualize the post pandemic world to be a more connected one. Ironically, the advancement of technology in communication resulted in a disconnect with mankind’s purpose. It has been causing chaos worldwide. I hope that this pandemic brought us back to our roots as humans. I hope that it connects us spiritually and emotionally. I hope for a more united society, spreading love and happiness.

One of Khalil’s Bench Active campaigns

Photography Jerick Sanchez

Styling Luis Carlo San Juan

Grooming Theresa Padin

Fashion by Bench

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