La Salle org helps out local Taft business establishments

What once was a one-man team became a growing family of 35 volunteers

Riders preparing to distribute food and face masks to the needy

The Taft Initiative is a student-led, community-based organization formed by Euson Go as a response to the crippling effects of the pandemic on the different stakeholders of Taft Avenue, particularly the establishments that have played a big part in building the “Taft Culture.” 

Several businesses have closed their brick-and-mortar stores and are shifting to online selling and third-party delivery to survive. However, they are unable to generate income and are operating at a loss as delivery apps claim 30% of the sales and 20% of the riders’ delivery fees. Moreover, they fail to deliver to far-flung areas which entail higher delivery charge. 

To help these establishments reach break-even sales at least, Project Taft Express was launched. It is a delivery service that guarantees less operation time and lower delivery fee done by volunteer riders. This platform does not only help establishments maximize their profits but also provides jobs to riders in need of income.

Aside from business services, The Taft Initiative also has life-changing projects such as fundraisers, donation drives, and promotions for a cause for the benefit of partner establishments and volunteer riders . There is one ongoing fundraiser, and two donation drives are in the works.

Since its launch last June 26, what once was a one-man team became a growing family of 35 volunteers who help out with marketing, advertising and operations, thus making things easier for our partner establishments and volunteer riders.

GRAB driver distributing food to street kids

Even though we are still a long way to go in overcoming the challenges we are facing, we believe that The Taft Initiative is more than just an initiative. It continues to bring the community together and continues to serve as reminder of what was once a strong culture and lifestyle that now has to deal with new norms.  

Chef Bab’s Sisig is one of the sponsor establishments of Taft Initiative

Photos by Suzy Uy & Euson Go

For those interested in helping out, visit their social Facebook and Instagram: @TheTaftInitiative

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