It’s MADness Week 2022: MAD Rewritten

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  • April 29, 2022
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Marketing and Advertising students, experts come together

In this digital age, the entire advertising movement began to evolve, prompting individuals to recognize that Marketing is not the same as Advertising—and vice versa. At De La Salle University, there are two separate organizations under the Department of Marketing and Advertising (DMA), and the two courses are independent of each other. In this context, both the AdCreate Society, DLSU’s home organization for BS Advertising Management Students, and Junior Entrepreneurs’ Marketing Association (JEMA), the home organization for BS Marketing Management students, feel the need to continue signifying how Marketing and Advertising are inextricably linked by creating initiatives that help break the walls between the two degrees.

With that, MAD Rewritten, a week-long event and publicity was created to bring together not only the students, faculty, alumni, and organizations from the DMA, but also those outside the department as well. Moreover, students who aim to flourish in Marketing and Advertising will be able to gain more insight about the courses under DMA through this event, with all the scheduled activities such as online publications, podcast, video, as well as a webinar, and culminating activity that will be held during the week.

Overall, this initiative of AdCreate Society and JEMA is seen to bring DMA closer to the students, deepen the connections within the department, and launch an information drive to raise Marketing and Advertising awareness and appreciation.

Join us this coming April 25-30, as we delve into the curious world of Marketing and Advertising! Catch SPEAKING OF MAD: A PODCAST on April 28, 2022 where a frosh, a 3rd year, and a graduating student will be discussing about their experiences in the department; FOR YOUR MAD-INFORMATION on April 27-30, 2022 where recommendations for different Marketing and Advertising related materials will be released; EMERGENCE: FROM TRADE TO TEACH on April 29, 2022 where participants can satisfy their curiosities and learn several fun facts from esteemed speakers; and lastly, THE LAST MAD STANDING on April 30, 2022 a game night with fun and exciting activities!

Check out our Facebook page, and Instagram account, @madnessweek for further details. See you all on April 25-30, 2022 as we create a madly exciting week for all Advertising and Marketing enthusiasts!

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