Forte 2022: The Magic in YOU

The Lasallian Youth Orchestra will be making a grand entrance to the castle and you are cordially invited to come ride along in the Pumpkin Coach. 

Marilyn Manson once said, “Music is the strongest form of magic”. So watch the magic unfold as the playing members of Lasallian Youth Orchestra showcase their mellifluous music in their two to three hours long flagship event and annual major production of “Forte 2022: An Enchanting Journey of Songs and Symphonies”. This year’s theme is fantasy and adventure, and we are bringing magic into your lives at the comfort of your own homes.

In hopes of bringing magic into the lives of street children as well, the Lasallian Youth Orchestra is partnering with an organization that focuses on helping the aforementioned. We are the Fairy Godmother to their Cinderella, and it is a match made in heaven. 

For students and faculty of De La Salle University, you may purchase tickets to watch our AnimoSpace showing through this link: AnimoSpace Ticket Forms

Otherwise, for our Ticket2Me showing, which is available for the general public, you may purchase tickets through this link: Ticket2Me Ticket Forms (single ticket) and Ticket2Me Bulk TicketForms (multiple tickets)

What are you waiting for? Hurry before the clock strikes twelve! 

Please be noted of the following time, date, and ticket price for the following platforms: 6:00 PM September 30, 2022 at PHP 150.00/ticket – via AnimoSpace; and 6:00 PM October 1, 2022 at PHP 200.00/ticket – via Ticket2Me 

For more updates, feel free to follow us on: 

📌 Facebook: Lasallian Youth Orchestra

📌 Instagram: @LYOrchestra

📌 YouTube: Lasallian Youth Orchestra

📌 LinkedIn: Lasallian Youth Orchestra



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