Believe it or not—what design solutions students think of

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  • January 26, 2021
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From inhalers for asthmatics to seat mat for back-pain sufferers

Ten young innovators from the Industrial Design Program of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts began the decade with distinct solutions that offer refreshed sustainable and inclusive outlook. 

Culminating their academic journey, they used vast possibilities to address various issues in different sectors and industries.

Jiro Ona

Jiro Ona’s Gohaler, which bagged the Best Thesis Award, proposes a portable device to assist asthmatics in taking their medications with comfort and ease. The tool allows a more comfortable grip compared to that of regular inhalers.

He believes design is more than just making things beautiful. “I am fascinated by how objects work, how to create meaningful products. I try to find the balance between creativity and functionality, elegance and efficiency.”

Alexandra Justine Bernardo

For quick body pain remedies, Alexandra Justine Bernardo’s RYB seat mat features heat and memory foam to alleviate the pain and discomfort of those with scoliosis.

Rosette Anne Cancino

Rosette Anne Cancino’s remote-controlled Sensoria is a heat-radiating cordless transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit to relieve lumbar pain recurrence for the sedentary or office workers.

Angel Daphne Linsangan

Angel Daphne Linsangan’s therapeutic back support, called Reliefr, aims to relieve back pain of post-partum mothers. 

Spencer Phillip Tan

Spencer Phillip Tan’s Movad is a modernistic and minimalist mobility device equipped with additional pair of handgrips to aid senior citizens in the bathroom.

Marco Lorenzo Piedad

Marco Lorenzo Piedad’s Roadcase is a hybrid carry-on hard-case luggage with a built-in scooter component for mobility for long-distance travelers.

Juan Felipe Concepcion

Juan Felipe Concepcion’s prototype, Flycano, is a portable ultrasonic diffuser to repel houseflies.

Victor Guiller Abong

Victor Guiller Abong introduces Core, a practical modular coral restoration system which makes use of active restoration methods for rehabilitation. 

Antoni Reuben Tan

Antoni Reuben Tan’s Nufount, a zero water wastage drinking fountain for indoor establishments, is a solution for wheelchair users and those with achondroplasia.

Nicolo Mari Quibilan
Vita Drum

Nicolo Mari Quibilan proposes an alternative and safer water source through his Vita Drum, a rainwater catcher drum for water-stressed communities. The prototype has 450 liters of water storage, features stronger handles, integrated universal size faucets and removable three-layer filtration systems.

“I am strong believer in good design, a building block to a brighter world. I hope one day the whole world would recognize its importance in all aspects of our daily lives,” Quibilan shared. “As a designer, it is my duty to be aware of the problems hindering us from moving forward and to create answers for a better future.”

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