2023 Hult Prize OnCampus Program: Like a ‘Nobel Prize’ for students

This year’s Hult Prize 2023 OnCampus Program to be hosted by DLSU competes for 1M USD to change the world by “Redesigning Fashion”

Here’s a streak of good news for aspiring Filipino changemakers, as the world’s largest student movement organization for social entrepreneurship kicks off its annual challenge this November to be hosted online by De La Salle University in Taft, Manila.

The Hult Prize Foundation has launched its OnCampus Phase in over 121 countries  around the world and 3,000 universities and campuses. De La Salle University will host its     local edition where its students can tackle this year’s challenge entitled Redesigning Fashion in the hope of changing the world through social enterprise.

This year’s challenge probes the adversities that arise from contributing to fast fashion, which often include social problems such as depletion of non-renewable resources, unethical manufacturing, excessive energy and water use. These contentious issues were addressed by 13 contending groups through their innovative social startup ideas. These were tackled during the expert-led Training Session Series given by the organization before its main event, the Competition Pitch Day.

During the initial phase of the Global $1M USD Competition, the OnCampus Program takes place in around 2,000 college campuses in five continents. Teams strive to create a social startup concept through training and mentoring sessions. Contenders present their ideas to CEOs, founders, and managing directors of Philippine companies during the program’s competition pitch day. The  team chosen will represent DLSU and the Philippines in the Impact Summits on a regional level worldwide.

For more than a decade, the Hult Prize Foundation has been transforming how young people envision their own possibilities as impact leaders of change in the world. Originally founded as a one-million-dollar prize startup program, the organization today is the worldwide leader in impact education and has trained and graduated more than two-million alumni across 121 countries. Indeed, it is no wonder why the organization has been considered the “Nobel Prize for Students” given its prestigious honor along with the sizable social impact that comes with the glory of facing the annual challenges.

The winners of this OnCampus event will advance to compete in its quarter final phase and later for its one-of-a-kind award of a seed capital of 1M USD.

. “Sustainable social impact starts with just one idea and as the 6th iteration of the OnCampus Program in DLSU, we’ve strived to support and help cultivate these budding ideas the best we can. We have all the confidence that our Top 5 finalists will showcase the business acumen partnered with the community-centered values that Lasallians aim to embody. We hope you watch just how Lasallians can change the world!” Mariah Camille Oliveros, the current Campus Director of Hult Prize at DLSU, said.

Be in the know with the concluding competition day by staying tuned for updates on HPDLSU’s social media pages.

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