When fan art is the way to be responsible voter

‘I want to rouse their curiosity through my illustrations and make them ask, Who is Teddy Baguilat?’

Student artist Jowee Anne Aguinaldo, who plays softball and computer games in her spare time, had never heard of Teddy Bauilat. “It was actually my first time to have heard the name Teddy Baguilat, who is running for a Senate seat this upcoming election,” she said.

This BS Agricultural Economics major from the University of the Philippines Los Baños, like any conscientious voter, researched about him. “I found out that he is worth my vote and everyone’s vote,” Aguilaldo said. “Because of his credentials and a proven public service record.”

Mr. Bean

           Teddy Baguilat has a consistent track record of human rights in Congress, a representative for indigenous peoples; he is a chieftain from Ifugao. A staunch leader of the minority in Congress, especially from 2016 to 2019 when the opposition became so small in the legislature, and Baguilat was their leader. He is also to champion indigenous rights.

           “As a person who has been commissioned to create an artwork inspired by the people of the Cordilleras, I knew it is time to vote for someone who represents them,” Aguinaldo said. “I want people to know Teddy Baguilat through cartoons, the same way they grew up with childhood cartoons. I want to arouse their curiosity about Teddy Baguilat through my illustrations and make them ask themselves who he is.”

Rick and Morty

           That was why she created Baguilat fan art inspired by people’s childhood cartoons like The Simpsons, Mr. Bean, Samurai Jack, Johnny Bravo, and Adventure time to name a few. Her fan art trended in Facebook. “Results of the search will surely convince people that he meets the checklist of requirements and deserves a Senate seat,” Aguinaldo said.

           Aguinaldo plans to create more art for other deserving candidates, and explains that it is her way to inform the public about those who deserve to be elected to serve the country, not only to rule.

Powerpuff Girls
Adventure Time
Samurai Jack
Johnny Bravo
Phineas and Ferb

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