Glad to be back cheering

“I’m just so grateful to able to finally go out on the mats again and cheer for the Red and White.”

Video by Julian Reantaso, assisted by Alonzo Domingo

Bedans from San Beda Alabang take cheerleading very seriously. With San Beda having more than a hundred years of cheering tradition and distinct school culture, cheerleading is a legacy—a community tradition— that has been passed on to the younger generations of San Beda Alabang.

Alabang Bedans embraced this rich school heritage while combining San Beda’s traditional cheers and modern cheerleading.

The outcome, this unique mix gave San Beda Alabang that colorful edge, the Seniors team bagged second runner-up, the Juniors team bagged first runner-up and the Midgets team were hailed champions, all in the last WNCAA Cheer competition back in 2019 before the pandemic happened.

Team captain Alyssa Mae Alcruz, 18, feels elated that she would be able to compete again on her last year in high school with the Juniors team, “For the past two years I felt like I was missing a part of me that I couldn’t explain, and I’m just so grateful to able to finally go out on the mats again and cheer for the Red and White.”

Team Captain Alyssa Mae Alcruz

“Because of the pandemic, I kind of prepared myself to accept that 2019 would be my last appearance in the WNCAA in the Juniors Division, but at the same time I also had a lot of faith in God and prayed that he would give me another chance to be with the team one last time and thankfully he did.”

Alyssa Mae Alcruz along with her teammates and the male pep of San Beda Alabang performing halftime. (Photo by Julian Reantaso)

Each team competing at the WNCAA Season 53 Cheerdance Competition can submit a vlog entry promoting their school, their team and the competition to

The WNCAA Cheerdance Competition is on May 13, 2023 at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum.  

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