‘Society Made Me Do It’

A group of high school friends creates a fashion brand to express their thoughts and emotions

What started as just an impulsive decision to create a brand ended up as an attention-grabbing impact on society—a balance of creativity and tackling social issues. It became a perfect pitch for today’s toxicity.

BLVD started in the middle of the pandemic back in October 2020, by a group of high school friends sharing an interest in things creative and enterprising. They came up with a streetwear brand that would express their thoughts and emotions.

Their first collection is “The Society Made Me Do It.”

“It is about how the media and society manipulate people,” owner Jacob Tuazon said. Tuazon from San Beda Alabang, with co-owners Mike Espiritu and Cedric Sta. Ana from Mapua Makati, were driven to make this collection because they wanted to dig deeper into social issues that people could relate to today. 

Each design was inspired by an outline they made five years ago. It still has the same idea, but the concept evolved into a simple and clean aesthetic so that the clothes could be styled easily and worn daily by people of all ages. 

“The statement in the design, ‘Real Eyes Realize Real Lies’ came from the reality of having fake friends,” Espiritu said. Their first design, “Real Eyes”, is about cutting ties to people who hinder you from reaching your personal goals. In a span of two weeks after their launch, their tees were sold out. 

BLVd’s latest design— tie-dye inspired design tees inspired by the hippie generation of the ‘60s

BLVD’s latest design, called “Brainwashed”, which is sold for P750, has a retro and versatile fashion vibe— tie-dye inspired design tees inspired by the hippie generation of the ‘60s. “Some people find social media toxic and it “brainwashes” people, so many are lost in a fake world that the media creates,” Tuazon explains the meaning of this design.

Even if the pandemic disrupted things, it allowed them to seek new beginnings and new opportunities. “To make this clothing brand as true to what we feel and to be a stable brand that people would love and talk about”. The future of BLVD is to make more clothing that highlights the world’s problems which people could relate to, and to continue to make the rest of society fall in love with the vibe and “drip” of their fashionable clothing brand.

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Juan Miguel Mogarte

is a Grade 12 Senior High School student of San Beda Alabang. Miggy to his close friends, is part of his schools pep band, and looks forward to creating "noise" again once the pandemic is over.

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