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Inspired by BTS’ Dynamite video, a shirt brand was born

Milkwear is not all sugar—it has a voice

For Carlo Chu, the pandemic was the perfect time to start his clothing brand. “Since it has always been my dream to have my own line. I had now-or-never moment during the pandemic.”

Because everyone is just home, the quiet brought about by the pandemic helped. It gave Chu time to really conceptualize his brand—“I was really focused on just putting up my brand.”

Chu recalled how much he wanted to do his own line. “I’ve worked in fashion retail for years and finally decided to pursue my dream despite the pandemic.”

Milkwear was thus born. Started at a time when there was so much fear and uncertainty, Chu said,  “We want to create a world full of hope and good vibes, on a colorful palette.”  Milkwear created a line of shirts likened to a palette so delicious, you can taste it, like having one’s favorite milk tea or ice cream on a perfect day.

Big font “Milkwear” tees

The brand’s colorful aesthetic was inspired by the BTS’ “Dynamite” video, and also by the BL (Boy’s Love) series, which is one of their most popular line. “It is a pastel tie-dye collection. Very soft hues. Different from the very strong tie-dye colors on the market.”

Since the tie-dye trend is running high the majority of their customers are mostly the GenZers, specifically students. 

Milkwear also gets its inspiration from Korean dramas and music. “My idea is to create a fresh brand. Not too heavy in terms of colors and aesthetics. Still has a streetwear vibe but more fresh,” Chu added.

Chu explained that Milkwear is not all sugar—it has a voice. “Not just for sweet things but for things that matter. Things that shape our society. Things that affect us as human beings.” It’s a brand that is inclusive, that talks to the LGBTQ+ community not just during Pride month. “We want to take part in building a society that is inspiring and nurturing because we deserve it. We deserve better.”

Milkwear x LoveYourself – Self Love Wins rainbow Pride tee

Milkwear is still in the brand-building stage, but more than building a brand, it’s building a Milkwear community. That is why Milkwear released its Pride Collection in collaboration with the Love Yourself Organization, where 100% of the profit will be donated to Love Yourself to be used on HIV awareness projects and free testing during the pandemic.

 “It’s our brand mission to create projects that will have a positive impact on our society,” Chu said. “We are doing what we love but at the same time helping our community.”

“Free Hugs Soon” long-sleeve shirt

Apparel price range from P390 to P1,099

Photography Ronan Capili

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