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  • January 27, 2024
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Immersion work in Vietnam opened Ayisha Ameerah Asistio’s eyes and mind to a country that prides in its culture and traditions

Local work immersion is an academic requirement to graduate senior high school, according to the Department of Education (DepEd). To offer Grade 12 students an opportunity to gain cross-cultural insights, develop global competencies, and expand their understanding of international work environments, FEU High School recently introduced its International Work Immersion program.

Ayisha Ameerah Asistio at FPT University Main Campus.

Embracing opportunities beyond her comfort zone, Grade 12 student and General Academic Strand (GAS) Society President Ayisha Ameerah Asistio joined the eye-opening work immersion in Vietnam. It was an experience that added a new dimension to her learning journey. Here are some of the memorable and valuable learnings she gained during the work immersion:

Being a future-ready GAS student

Ayisha aspires to work in the information and communication industry. Aside from various workshops on entrepreneurship and business management, strategic management, team motivation, and job enrichment, VTC Academy Plus Da Nang introduced advanced technologies, facilities, and work-related areas. It is a student-oriented information-and- communication-based institution that also focuses on in-demand job opportunities for students after college.

“They specialize in futuristic courses like what I want to pursue. I learned how to manage and motivate myself by creating a goal to achieve my aspirations—to be good and knowledgeable in the field for my success,” said Ayisha.

Authentic joy in learning

Ayisha also observed that Vietnam has a forward-looking outlook on education. Its student-centered educational system enables schools and universities to set goals for each of its students.

“It focuses on educating its students by practicing its culture. It centers on studying tradition, and it makes its country better because each citizen wants to make their own stronger,” she said. With this appreciation, she now has a clearer view at what she wants to do in the future.

Start of friendships and exchanges

According to Ayisha, the Vietnamese are very welcoming and celebrate inclusivity. They took basic Vietnamese language classes, breaking language barriers and giving an opportunity for them to build connections and friendships. They also visited the Hoi An Coconut Village and rode a coconut boat. Finally, she shared one of her most cherished experiences—community outreach.

“We also had a community outreach program for the Agent Orange victims. We gave out snacks and food, sang, and danced with the kids. This is the best and most fulfilling part of immersion,” said Ayisha.

Its vibrant culture

She also notes how very culture-centric the Vietnamese are, in that they want foreign travelers to see and deeply understand their culture. After a cultural and dance performance exchange with Vietnamese students, Ayisha said, “My love for Vietnam grew because of the people’s deep patriotism and rich cultural heritage. Their passions, cuisine, and long-lasting traditions make me want to stay and delve deeper into their culture. You cannot go to Vietnam and not fall in love with the people’s love for their country.”

Ayisha Ameerah Asistio sharing her insights at FPT University Main Campus

Connecting through food

As a culinarian, Ayisha finds cooking in a different setting ideal. Aside from trying the food, they also prepared local delicacies such as spring rolls and the crispy traditional Vietnamese pancakes, which are cooked in a hot skillet and wrapped in rice batter with a main ingredient, such as shrimps. Ayisha notes that some of their dishes, like Vietnamese Ginger Chicken, evoke the flavors of our local cuisine.

“Both have a similar taste because of their rich ginger taste. The chicken is simmered in water with a lot of fresh ingredients like garlic, onions, ginger, lemon grass, and other Vietnamese herbs then served with steaming rice. Food truly brings us all together,” she said.

Vietnamese culinary class of FEU High School students (Photo Ayisha Ameerah Asistio)

Vietnam’s art expression

As an art student, Ayisha knows what a rare opportunity it is to showcase her works in another country. Vietnam values its local artists and their artworks. This inspires her to be confident with her own art expression.

“From student exhibitions on campus to local art shops fostering creativity and beauty that are non-negotiable, there are abundant opportunities for artists to showcase their art. I admire Vietnam for their pride and safe space for art,” she said.

At the end of the immersion, she got to know herself better and realized the important of bravery. “I do encourage my fellow students to be braver in trying and exploring new things, especially those that can help them in their ambitions, both inside and outside the country as much as possible,” she said.

This international work immersion was made possible with FEU High School’s partner, FPT Education Global, the leading international student mobility provider, as well as the international student recruiter for FPT University, Swinburne University and Greenwich University in Vietnam.

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