Newly co-ed LSGH reveals uniforms for incoming female students

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  • August 11, 2023
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Ionica Abrahan Lim created designs that complement the existing boys’ uniform

La Salle Green Hills (LSGH), which recently transitioned to a co-educational institution, has tapped fashion designer Andrea Ionica Abrahan Lim to create uniforms for the incoming female students for Academic Year 2023-2024.

Abrahan Lim’s designs incorporate the iconic La Salle Green checkered woven fabric in the skirt, as well as in the piping details on the blouse.

“Each design incorporates clean lines and subtle accents for that simple yet polished look,” she explained. “Since this is the first set of uniforms for the female students, LSGH wanted something to complement the existing uniform of the boys.”

The uniform for elementary students allow the children to move easily

Every level possesses different cuts. For elementary pupils, the blouse dons semi-puff sleeves with a sailor tie-inspired necktie. The skirt has flat pleats to achieve more volume. These allow the children to easily move around.

The new set of uniform for junior high school girls features the La Salle checkered fabric

A more refined version was assigned to junior high schoolers. It features a classic breast pocket with piping that matches the polo of the boys. Meanwhile, professionalism meets comfort in the senior high uniform’s longer sleeves and fitted skirts.

“The designs draw inspiration and reflect La Salle’s core values—faith, service, and communion,” the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde educator explained.

The new set of uniform for the female Senior High School students of La Salle Green Hills (LSGH)

LSGH, which has been exclusive to young gentlemen since its establishment in 1959, shifted to a co-educational system in its constant pursuit of social transformation as a learner-centered and service-oriented institution. Prior to this, it was the only remaining boys’ school of the De La Salle Brothers in the Philippines.

Fashion designer, industry expert, and Benilde Fashion Design and Merchandising educator Andrea Ionica Abrahan Lim

The decision to follow in the footsteps of all 15 La Salle Schools in the country was based on several aspects. One is the promotion of equal access to quality Lasallian education for all genders. This is in addition to other inclusive initiatives to accommodate adult students and diversely gifted pupils with special needs, such as members of the Deaf community.

The new learning environment fosters a more diverse yet natural development. Classroom behaviors are enhanced, co-curricular activities are more varied, and a culture with an improved mixed-gender perspective has emerged, which strengthens the already solid foundation that is uniquely LSGH.

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