How cheerleading made me the woman I am

San Beda Alabang junior squad defends WNCAA Cheer title

I can’t imagine not being a competitive cheerleader. Cheering on teams and performing for crowds have always been something I was passionate about. Seeing all the teams we have motivated and the smiles we get to spread when we perform is something I found so fulfilling.

I am Alexia Kyra F. Abrigo, the captain of the San Beda College Alabang Cheerleading Juniors Varsity Squad. 

The teams’ promotional video inviting the Bedan community to come support them. Video by Julian Reantaso

When I was younger, I couldn’t get what all the hype about cheerleaders was for. I saw it in the movies and thought it was cool, but little Alexia never would’ve imagined that she herself would become a cheerleader. However, when I did join the team, I realized that cheerleading was something I’d grow to love and for years to come. 

It was a close friend who encouraged me to join the squad. I joined the team when I was in 5th grade. I remember being so terrified in tryouts since I didn’t know anything. From a simple cartwheel to a split, I just couldn’t do it back then. But as they say, “if there’s a will, there’s a way”.  I was determined to get into the team so I worked hard all summer, attended summer training, and listened to the tips of my seniors so I could do the skills needed to pass tryouts. 

Alexia with the rest of her team in a San Beda halftime performance. Photo by Julian Reantaso

I will forever be grateful to my coach for allowing me to be a part of this family and experience competing in this sport. Coach Ajjie and this sport taught me values like discipline and dedication that I carry to this day in my other activities. 

Through the years, the entire team became like my sisters and best friends. They were people I could trust and love with all my heart. When I became their “Kapitana,” as they call me now, I felt very honored and at the same time, excited to lead my girls. I continue to strive to be a better captain for my girls, to lead, and inspire them to become the best cheerleaders they can be, and support them throughout their journey. I’m always very proud of my girls for each and every skill, tumble or full-out that they do. 

I can’t imagine myself not doing cheerleading in high school. This sport, the team, my girls mean everything to me and I look forward to competing with them this upcoming season. I can say, with confidence that all of these have molded me to be the woman I am today. 

Support the San Beda Alabang Jr. Varsity Cheerleading Squad as they defend their Junior Division Cheerleading Championship trophy in the 54th WNCAA Cheerleading Competition on March 17th, 2024 Sunday at Chiang Kai Shek College. The competition starts at 11 am.

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