De La Salle org shows way to work-play

From public speaking to TikTok, topics tackle balance

There’s a notion that work and play are completely distinct and disconnected from one another, and professionals should stick to only one if they are to succeed in life.

The line that divides work and play is blurred by the De La Salle University organization as it attempts to connect the two worlds in a project called BLAZE2022 Times: The Art of Work & Play.

BLAZE2022 Times: The Art of Work & Play creates an avenue for future professionals to realize the possibility of having multiple equilibriums in life. The two-week event aims to engage the participants in a series of informative publicity materials, interactive activities and skill-building workshops that will positively convince them that finding a balance in life is achievable.

The project will be divided in three major events, namely:

Week of Work—First stop… #1 Work on Wall Street, Upper Manhattan!. This uses a fictitious area in the 2-week event—New York City. This week will specifically feature publicity posts, activities, and workshops centered around the area of career-oriented work. These activities have been crafted to strengthen the professional growth and vocational proficiencies of the participants. Running this week are the essential workshops on August 13, 2021 (Friday):

  • Channeling Your Inner Charisma: The Fundamentals of Public Speaking (featuring Toni Miranda)
  • Vantage Point Refocused: Managing your Personal Life (featuring Carissa Lim)
  • Beginning Branches: Curating Connections and Building Networks (featuring Mary Grace B. Marzan)

Week of Play—Next stop… #2 Central Play Avenue, Lower East Side!: Fictitious thoroughfare within the boroughs of New York City. It will focus on integrating play, creativity, and art with business and career. It aims to illustrate how the work-play combination can synergistically optimize the potentials, skills, and experiences of individuals. Here’s this week’s essential workshops: 

  • On-The-Air: Professional Radio and Voice Acting 101 (featuring Elizabeth Almonte (Dj Shai))
  • Redefining the Playing Field: Secrets Behind Effective Marketing Campaigns (featuring Jim Jimenez)
  • Specula: Step into the Creative World of Tiktok (featuring Adrian Cotoco and Jae Miranda)

and Culminating Night:Empire State of Work and Play, an online synchronized live event mixing activities ranging from webinars, games, challenges to raffles, following a storyline of two friends exploring New York City. The two friends will go on life’s journey that lives out work-play, proving that you don’t need to focus simply on one aspect only and that you can wholistically integrate what you love, what you do, and what you will do.

Interested in exploring the City of Endless Possibilities with us? Pre-register here!

Work Week (pre-registration period from August 9 to 12, 2021):      

Play Week (pre-registration period from August 16 to 19, 2021): 

Culmi-Night (pre-registration period from August 9 to 19, 2021):    

With our speakers and with these informative topics, let’s learn to bridge the gap between work and play and find the balance.

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